We provide a wide range of development services that goes beyond ordinary outsourcing.

 Whether its the next big idea, re-design, or mobile migration, we have the right team.


Operating across the entire design life cycle, including ideation and branding,

we can turn brand new ideas into reality, refresh aging products, and migrate to new architectures.










While we work on all types of projects, we love working on new ideas.  Our own startup experiences across different markets and technologies brings a fresh voice even before design starts.  That's a big advantage.

A great product must have great UX/UI design.  Our team of internal and external graphics designers are skilled in creating world-class user experiences on all platforms.  We work on mobile or desktop for consumer and business markets.

We understand the need to protect your ideas even when we collaborate, so there's never a question of ownership.  We even assist on your patents, trademarks, and copyrights for long term protection beyond our engagement.







Our roots come from unified communications, so we understand voice, video, and messaging technology better than anyone. We can integrate real-time communications into any product to enhance its capabilities with ease.

Today, every product needs social network integration.  We have deep knowledge of every major social network, their APIs, and how to use them to help you take advantage.  We have even built complete social networking applications.

Privacy and security matter.  We have years of experience in  encryption and data protection.  Including  DRM-based video for Hollywood movies, social media privacy  for consumer markets, and data security platforms for B2B.


An Experienced Design Team

Started in 2009 designing unified communication solutions, we have since expanded our team, our scope, and our skills.  Today, we are a global team headquartered in San Diego, CA and Nagpur, India, along with subject matter experts around the world.  With over 50 developers, we are ready to tackle any size project from large to small.


We have hundreds of man years of R&D experience and are constantly learning, growing, and expanding our portfolio.  But we are more than a "job shop", we provide product and experiential vision. and intellectual property protection that goes far beyond any outsourcing partner.  Just ask our clients.


Led by Walter Snell, a 20 year serial entrepreneur veteran who loves helping others fulfill their dreams.  We are happy to share with you our success and our skills.  Think Bigger with Designer Labs.

Our Partners

We work with infrastructure, design, and software companies to help provide the best solutions possible. Here are a few examples:

Our Clients

Most of our clients are confidential but we can provide client references to interested parties.  Here is a partial list of clients that we have worked with:


With deep domain experience in mobile, cloud, and social, we are more than software developers.  We're your long term partner before, during, and after a software project is completed.

Walter A. Snell

Sarang Jiwane

CEO/Chief Visionary Officer

COO/VP Engineering

Provides vision, ideation, branding, and deep architectural direction. Snell has over 20 years of executive management with roles in sales, marketing, and engineering.  He was CEO and co-founder of several successful startups.  His prior experience includes Mockingbird Networks (acquired by Alcatel), WebsideStory (acquired by Adobe), and Panterra Networks (a leading cloud communications company).

Manages our offshore operations and leads our development teams.  His experience and dedication towards training, education,  and process ensures that our project teams are of the highest caliber and are well managed.  With over 50 developers today, Sarang makes sure that our clients are totally satisfied with dedicated teams.

Arvind Prasad

VP Experiential Design

Tummala Praveen Chowdary

VP Business Development

Responsible for managing our UX/UI and graphic design teams in India and elsewhere.  Arvind Prasad has a passion for experiential design on mobile and desktop that ensures great experiences.

Leads our Business Development team and strategies, focusing on US and Asia markets.   Mr. Chowdary is technically astute yet customer-centric, which results in satisfied clients.  His role as customer advocate goes far beyond the initial stages.


We are a flat organization that fights hierarchy and rigid protocol, which only slows us down and creates bottlenecks for you.  We are true believers of agile design and only offer dedicated resources that are considered part of your business for as long as they are needed.


All Inquiries are Confidential










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Patent Filed for New DRM Technology

October 9, 2014 - Designer Labs has completed participation in a new patent application that delivers a new approach to Digital Rights Management ("DRM").  This patent breaks new ground in providing digital rights and monetization for a wide variety of digital content beyond movies and television.  It is designed to be easy to use, affordable, and greatly scalable, thus making it ideal for new venues and markets including long tail applications.   Designer Labs often participates beyond ordinary software development projects by offering new product design, patents, joint ventures, and maintains strict confidentiality of co-designed intellectual property.

Facebook and Privacy Whitepaper Released

September 20, 2014 - After a year of development around social media technologies and social network design, Designer Labs has  released an eye-opening white paper on how Facebook affects our privacy, called Smoke & Mirrors, How Facebook Affects Your Privacy and Your LIfe, the paper discusses in detail all the tools and technology that Facebook uses to data mine and track their users.  Its a bigger and more invasive approach towards understanding their users than any other web or social platform in history.  We think its important to explain how big data and science can potentially manipulate an audience.  Read it now at: http://bit.ly/YEvzUa

IOS8 Transformation Program Launches

August 1, 2014 - The soon-to-be launched IOS8 operating system brings an opportunity to breathe new life into yesterday's applications.  Designer Labs has launched its IOS8 Transformation Program, offering any new client an opportunity to test out our capabilities of UX/UI and application enhancements.  We offer a free evaluation of your application to show you how we can make it not just compatible for IOS8 but take advantage of new features.  IOS8 Transformation includes UX/UI and App Store resubmission starting at $1995.00.  Now is the time to take advantage of Designer Labs.

Orinoco - Streaming Video Encoding Framework in Beta Release

July 18 - Designer Labs has beta released the first live and on-demand video encoding framework that permits mobile devices such as an iPhone to become the equivalent of a live video encoding platform that typically costs tens of thousands of dollars.  Called Orinoco, this framework enables a mobile device to stream HD news, sports, entertainment and other live content delivery.  This is not a trivial design as the need to perform live encoding of video and synchronized audio for use in streaming is one of the most difficult designs possible in an ARM device.  Video and Audio optimization is a critical path for a successful design.  Sub-licensing will be available in Q4, 2014, with and without DRM capability.

India R&D Office Expands

June 1, 2014 - We have expanded our development team in beautiful Nagpur, India to be able to grow to over 120 developers.  We moved from Hyderabad to Nagpur over one year ago and have never looked back.  Nagpur is a great place to locate our developers since Nagpur has excellent technical universities, a great cost of living, and isn't over-hyped with the turnover and IT staffing challenges of Bangalore and Hyderabad.   We have made a great home in Nagpur and can deliver long term stable employees to keep any project properly staffed.

Everest - Our Node.JS Framework Delivers Super-scale Solutions

April 12, 2014 - Designer Labs has created Everest, a framework that enables near unlimited scale of node.js server applications by combining clustering, load balancing, and web sockets.  Our experience with node.js over the last two years has seen over 90% of our server applications projects migrating from legacy Java to node.Js for very good reason:  Node.js is simply easier to use, reduces design time by over 50%, while  offering up to 10X scale per CPU over Java.  However, since it's a single-threaded architecture, the need for multi-processors requires a combination of clustering and load balancing expertise.  We cracked that problem making it possible to build super-scale solutions for social media and communications while not requiring expensive load balancing hardware.

Oscar - S3 Framework Provides Cost Efficient Media Delivery

April 2, 2014 - Very few really know that Amazon Web Services are used by some of the largest social networking companies in the world including Pinterest, with over 10 billions of images stored in S3.  Our need to develop a similar solution has led to the creation of our S3 Storage and Delivery Framework.  Its not just storage that counts but efficient delivery and understanding how to make efficient use of network protocols that the big boys like Google do every day.  This isn't kids stuff but a seriously scalable storage approach for photos, videos, or any other type of media, deliverable over Internet or CDNs.

Serrano - New Generation Encryption Framework Now Available

March 12, 2014 - Designer Labs has been involved in encryption and data security for years using standardized tools such as  SSL and AES.  After working on a new encryption projects, we are proud to add new encryption cyphers and libraries to our mobile and cloud portfolio.  Called Serrano, this framework utilizes Salsa20, an advanced streaming encryption cypher, with new encryption libraries for IOS and Android that permit us to create a multitude of more secure media applications that go beyond the decade old AES and SSL technology, that has long been compromised.   Serrano can provide PKI, symmetric, as well as hybrid encryption solutions.

API Expertise on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

February 7, 2014 - Designer Labs expertise in social media just keeps getting stronger as we completed additional projects this year that covers all the major social networks.  Our teams are now proficient in all of the variances and nuances of these APIs, many which are buggy or constantly in flux.  We support server side APIs using node.js as well as client side on Windows, IOS, and Android.  It pays to work with a design company who has to stay on top of these ever changing APIs, so the wheel is only invented once.

Patent Filed For Social Media & Privacy

January 25, 2014 - Designer Labs is proud to lead a patent filing, this time in the arena of social media and encryption.  While we keep our client list confidential and can only be released under approval and NDA, we can mention we have been working with a bleeding-edge social media company since 2013 and have  developed an incredible application and platform that for the first time provides real social network privacy.  This is not just a toy such as SnapChat.  Additional patents are planned.  Designer Labs has participated in multiple patent filings in 2014 alone.  We truly believe in helping our clients protect their intellectual property.


Across The Board Experience

We love to tackle big and challenging projects but are just as happy to do small one-off designs.  Since most projects require server and cloud experience, we support back-end platforms using Java/Spring, node.js, mySQL, MongoDB, etc.  Mobile is a mainstay for IOS, Android, and Windows, each requiring separate UX and development teams.  We have also done numerous social network integration projects on all major networks.  Finally, as an original player in unified communications, we can integrate any application with VoIP, SMS, WebRTC, Video, and IM platforms.


Projects Involving

Server & Database

Mobile Platforms

Social Media & Social Networks

Communications & Messaging

Platforms Supported


Android, IOS, Windows,


OSX and Windows


Amazon, OpenStack, and Linux

Agile-Plus Design - Ideal for Outsourcing

We are steeped in Agile design but make it work better for outsource development using our own Agile+ approach. We combine scrum methods with deep software architecture documentation, so our clients know what to expect before we even start and then see it come to life on a daily basis.

A great software product simply can't get any user traction if the User eXperience is too complex and cluttered.  We believe in intuitive and beautiful designs that will keep your customers engaged.  We never crimp on the user interface as its everything your customer sees.

Great UX Keeps Customers Engaged

"There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being to help someone succeed."  -  Alan Loy McGinnis





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